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Old Warriors Society |oWs|

We are a 21 and older clan/group of friends that realize that our families and jobs take precedence over our online enjoyment of playing first person shooters and the like since APril 2003. We are serious about  good team play, fairness,  sportsmanship and playing on a smacktard free server. The Old Warriors Society |oWs| prides ourselves as a group who play a variety of titles, but primarily enjoy FPS's as our main diversion from the daily grind. We generally keep with the current releases, but that never stops us from going back and firing up any of the previous titles. Members of oWs are active on our server(s), in our forums, on TeamSpeak and sometimes (but not required) in league competition.

Active members of oWs are required to pay monthly dues in the amount of $5.00 which goes towards our operating costs (website hosting, oWs domain, the game servers we play on and our TeamSpeak server). Many teams ask for donations to support their services where they generally end up relying on the extreme generosity of a very few members to keep things going. We at oWs feel that as a good group of friends and team that we should support our costs as an entire group and share the responsibility evenly across the board.

If you like what you've read so far and you are interested in becoming an Old Warrior or would like additional information about us, please go to our forums and visit the "oWs Recruiting" forum and make a post stating your interest in joining the Old Warriors Society.