Clan Charter

Official Old Warriors Society Clan Charter

Article I - Mission Statement
The Old Warriors Society, founded on April 7th, 2003, exists for the purpose of online gaming in a friendly and respectful environment. We strive to present a mature attitude towards online gaming, while keeping real life obligations in their proper perspectives. We do not discriminate based on race, religion, sex, or nationality. However, you must be at least 21 years old to be a member.

Article II - Organization
The Old Warriors Society (herein referred to as “oWs”) is governed by a clan Council. Each team has a team leader residing in the council. Within each team there may be a chain of command set by the team leader.

Article III - The Council
SECTION A – The Council membership consists of the first four or more of the following positions: the Commanding Officer, The Executive Officer, The Webmaster, The Financial Officer, Recruitment Officer, Game Server Administrator, Clan Relations Officer, Scrim Coordinator, the Team Leaders and the Team Lieutenants.

SECTION B – The Council actions require a simple majority vote to pass.

SECTION C – The Council is the governing body of the oWs gaming organization. It governs the organization in all decisions that affect the entire oWs organization, including, but not limited to, the following functions:

  1. The Council shall have the power to authorize the addition of new Teams to be part of oWs.
  2. The Council shall have the power to authorize the dissolving of existing Teams that are no longer active or that has been requested dissolved by the Team Leader.
  3. The Council shall have the power to ratify a Team Leader’s request to expel a Member from oWs.
  4. The Council shall have the power to impeach a Team Leader, when such action has been requested by a simple majority of the members of a Team. This requires a 2/3 vote of the other members of the Council. An impeached Team Leader is also automatically removed from oWs membership.
  5. The Council shall have the power to expel teams that to are not representing oWs appropriately. This requires a unanimous vote of the members of the Council (not to include the offending Team’s Leader). All Members on an expelled Team are automatically removed from oWs membership.
  6. The Council shall have the power to establish web and email servers.
  7. The Council shall have the power to determine the minimum standards and codes of conducts for both Members and game servers.
  8. The Council shall oversee election of a Team Leader. This action requires a 2/3 vote.
  9. The Council shall have the power to request contributions from Members to pay debts that affect the entire oWs organization.
  10. The Council shall have the power to implement dues or fees to pay debts that affect the entire oWs organization. This requires a 2/3 vote of the members of the Council.

SECTION D – The Council must meet 4 times per year. The meetings shall be held during the first week of each of the following months: January, April, October and July. The Commanding Officer shall select and call the meeting at an appropriate day and time agreeable to a majority of the Council Members. Other council meetings may be called as needed.

SECTION E - The Council must maintain at least a five person Quorum.

Article IV - Domain Ownership
Section A - The name Old Warriors Society and the domain name is the property of the members of oWs and shall be administered by the Council.

Article V - Teams
An oWs team is a group of people all playing the same game and who are actively gaming (i.e. scrims, leagues, etc), and functioning as a Team. Each oWs Team is responsible for securing and handling their own recruits, members, and servers. A team leader must be chosen by a majority vote of the Tribal Council. New oWs Teams can be added only by the action of the oWs Tribal Council.

Article VI - Team Leaders
SECTION A – A Team Leader is elected by the Tribal Council.

SECTION B – The Team Leader is responsible for all functions of his/her Team including, but not limited to, the following:
  1. A Team Leader shall ensure that all Team Members meet the oWs Membership Standards.
  2. A Team Leader shall ensure the Team Members conduct themselves within the oWs Membership Code of Conduct.
  3. A Team Leader shall ensure that any game server bearing the oWs name is operated according to the oWs Server Rules
  4. A Team Leader shall have the authority to determine the level of punishment for a code of conduct violation.
  5. A Team Leader shall maintain an up-to-date Roster for their Team and have it posted on the oWs Web Site.
  6. A Team Leader shall organize and obtain game servers as needed to compete and function as a Team.
  7. A Team Leader shall ensure their Team is compliant with the rules of any League they are currently playing in.
  8. A Team Leader shall recruit players for open slots on his/her Team as needed. Recruits can be dropped at any time, at the discretion of the Team Leader.
  9. A Team Leader shall determine when to advance a recruit to a full Member.
  10. A Team Leader shall, if necessary, request the Council to expel a Member.
  11. A Team Leader shall have the authority to pursue alliances with other external teams, upon ratification by the Council.
  12. A Team Leader shall determine the method of selection for members of league teams within their team. League status is considered a privilege and requires the highest adherence to the oWs philosophy and codes of conduct
  13. A Team Leader shall determine any Team specific rules and/or operating procedures (as long as they do not conflict with an oWs rule or operating procedure) and post them on the oWs web site
  14. A Team Leader shall determine the method of selection and the number of other offices (i.e. Defense Lead, League Coordinator, etc) needed on their Team. Members serving in such offices, serve at the discretion of the Team Leader. In addition, if the Team Leader vacates his office for any reason, all other offices underneath him/her are considered vacated at the same time.
  15. A Team Leader shall appoint a team webmaster to keep their team site updated.

Article VII - oWs Membership Standards

SECTION A – A person MUST meet the following minimum membership standards:

  1. A potential Recruit must be at least 21 years old.
  2. A Member must be at least 21 years old and successfully complete a probationary period of not less than 30 days.

SECTION B – oWs Members may play in multiple teams or clans as long as the following conditions are met:

  1. The second team or clan must not be playing any game/mod that oWs currently has a team for.
  2. The team leader allows it.
SECTION C – All active members of oWs must contribute regular Membership dues to help offset the costs of the gaming servers and web servers. Minimums amounts will be determined and posted by the Tribal Council.

Article VIII - oWs Membership Code of Conduct

SECTION A – A Member or Recruit must conduct themselves, whether in forums, in email messages, voice comms or on servers within the following Code of Conduct:

  1. Make no public charges of cheating. If you have proof, contact your Team Leader and they will pursue the matter as they determine best.
  2. No trash talk. (i.e. swearing, racist comments, racist jokes, etc)
  3. Always present yourself in a Mature manner….you are representing oWs.
  4. Do not abuse your Administration privileges on oWs Servers.

SECTION B – The forums are a privilege and not a right. If you abuse them you will lose the privilege. They are here for all to enjoy. Contoversial posts must be made in the Politics and Religion forum ONLY. Please try to be respectful , and treat others as you would have them treat you.

SECTION C – Violations: The tribal council reserves the right to delete posts that are in violation of the charter or violate common decency without warning.

If you are found in violation of the forums rules:

  1. You will be sent a Private Message from your team leader, or a council member if team leader is not available, as a reminder of what is expected behavior suitable for the forums. This will be your only warning.
  2. On a second violation your posts will be approved by a council member before posting to the forums for a period of 7 days. This means all forums, including your team’s forums.
  3. On the third violation you will be banned from the forums (including private and team forums) until the next council meeting. At which time the council will make a decision on appropriate punishment. This will be based on the offending team leader suggestions and the offense. This can include removal from oWs. You will be informed by your team leader the results of the council meeting. If the team leader is not available a member of the council will contact you about the results. Most importantly, this is a family values clan and people of all ages come here, so please act accordingly.

Article IX - oWs Server Rules

If a server is to bear the oWs name, the server must conform to the following rules:

  1. No Trash Talk is allowed on oWs Servers. This includes swearing, name-calling, racist language, or racist jokes. This also includes the use of such language within Handles.
  2. No racist or pornographic logos.
  3. It is strongly encouraged, that all Members (not recruits) who request the privilege should be given the capability to be able to kick/ban and change maps. Any additional privileges, (e.g. start/stop server, etc) shall be given out at the discretion of the Server Owner and the Team Leader. If any of these privileges are abused, at the discretion of the Server Owner and/or Team Leader, all privileges will be revoked.

Article X - Appeals

SECTION A - The offender must argue his case in writing and/or in voice comm. (ventrilo). within 48 hours of conviction.

SECTION B - The council must have a 2/3 vote to overturn a conviction.

  1. The council may elect a lesser punishment, or a probationary period for the offender. This will be at the council's discretion.

Article XI - Modification of the Charter

A Council Member may propose changes to this Charter as needed and upon approval of the Tribal Council. An amendment to the charter must be put to a clan vote, and then passed by a 2/3 vote by Tribal council.

A member who has been disciplined by the Tribal Council i.e. banishment, shall have 48 hours to appeal the council's decision.