Clan Rules

Old Warriors Society Clan Rules

  1. All members must show up, help out where needed, and have fun each week with the clan.
  2. NO cheating.
  3. NO foul or abusive language.
  4. NO hacking.
  5. No racial or sexist comments.
  6. All games servers web servers and voice communications will not allow cheating, cussing, team killing, foul or racial language and nick names.
  7. Always treat people fairly and act civil and friendly to people.
  8. You can't be in any other clans, guilds, squadrons, etc. that plays a game played by the clan.
  9. All members must be at least 21 years old, be mature and a fervent believer in good sportsmanship.
  10. oWs clan members must use only (1) game name for in games, forums, voice communications, etc, to prevent confusion.
  11. When pubbing, unless it make the teams unbalanced, always play on the same team as your fellow clanmates or more importantly by squads whenever possible.
  12. If someone has a question, post it on your clan message board, unless it is personal.
  13. While in game or voice comm, don't talk when people are going over strategies, reading IP#s or passwords - it's rude, frustrating for the leaders and counter-productive.
  14. Be polite on the clan voice communications channel by verbally saying "hello and good bye", etc.
  15. Don't SPAM people on in game messages, personnel massages, email, or the message board.
  16. Help other members of the clan.
  17. Everyone, should expect to spend 10% of their "clan play time", helping the clan.
  18. If you are going to be gone a long time (over 3 weeks), be polite, post a message about it on the clan message board.
  19. If you don't show up or post any "I am still alive" messages with in 6 weeks, you will be taken off the Roster.
  20. If a member is unable to play or perform his or her duties for 3 months, the member will become “inactive” or “retired”.
  21. If a member quits, becomes inactive or retires, he may return as an active member of the clan, if approved of all Council Members. He may not return to any leadership or council positions.
  22. If someone is in another clan, they can NOT "hang out" on your clan's voice communications channels. They must QUIT their old clan first and post a message on THEIR old board about it for everyone to see.
  23. All member of the Clan will wear the clan Tag “|oWs|”, all recruits will wear the clan recruit Tag “|oWs|r”. (The “|” is a bar, not a lower case L)
  24. Each member of the clan will have 1 vote on issues brought to the clan for vote, each member may vote during a limit voting period.
  25. Each Clan Team shall have it own organizational structure.
  26. Changing or adopting new Clan Rules/Charter amendments, requires majority vote by the voting members of the clan and require the 2/3 Approval of all Council Members, and a for approval.
  27. Issues may be brought to the council's attention through email or use of Private Messages (PM). At that time the council will make a decision on the issue and put it to vote by the clan if deemed necessary.
  28. The purpose of the council is to oversee the daily operations of the clan, revise the charter, and to settle disputes among it members.
  29. It takes all Council Members to let someone in the clan or to kick him or her out. If any member has any reservations about a recruit, PM the Executive Officer before the end of the probationary period.
  30. Only Council Members can give out passwords and/or access to private areas.
  31. Each Team Leader will be responsible for updating (or appointing someone to update) the main member's info to the Roster page.
  32. Council Members shall moderate the clan's message boards, authorize teams, provide oversight of clan teams and approve any changes to the clan rules. The individual team leaders may delegate the other "team" duties to Members (delegate: updating the teams sub-website, running team practices, advertising the clan, writing strategies, running events, etc, etc).
  33. COUNCIL Members MUST COMMUNICATE with one another every time they do something important, to prevent misunderstandings between Council Members.
  34. Any new member to the Council must be denoted by a Council Member and approved by all members of the Council.
  35. If a Council Member is failing to accomplish his or her duties, that Council Member maybe removed by all other Council Members voting for the removal of the member.
  36. The servers aren't free, therefore all members must contribute thier fair share of server costs on a regular basis, exact amonts will be determined by the Tribal Council.
  37. Team leaders are ultimately responsible for making sure thier team members are contributing to the overall fund.